" I lost 4% body fat working with Gregg in just 3 months. I love how I look now."

-Brittney S.


"After not seeing any results with my own program design I approached Gregg with my frustrations. He made the changes I needed to make to lose 25lbs in less than 6 months. The best part is I'm doing things I enjoy doing and losing weight at the same time. I don't have to spend an hour on the elliptical or treadmill. Actually, Gregg tells me I shouldn't if I want to lose weight. That is music to my ears."



" I started with GS Fitness after the birth of my first child. I was on a mission to reclaim my body. Gregg helped me do just that and much more. I just gave birth to my second child and didn't gain as much weight as I did for the first one. I was able to workout right up until 2 weeks prior to delivery. I felt very comfortable exercising during my pregnancy with Gregg because of his knowledge of exercise and special populations."

-Bilikiss K.


" I look forward to every workout with Gregg. He has helped me reduce my back pain to a much more manageable level. I feel energized after each session and I am able to do things that I haven't been able to do."



"My husband and I have been working with Gregg for 2 years now. We both have noticed the difference in strength and endurance in our bodies. Gregg does a great job leading two very different people through one workout session. He is able to adapt to both of our needs at once."



"I love Gregg’s boot camp style workouts. The results I gained from working with Gregg two times per week are above and beyond what I would've accomplished on my own."



"I fractured a clavicle and couldn't play golf. Gregg understood my injury and worked to get me back in shape. Not only could I swing a golf club again, but his training philosophy helped me become more generally fit so that I could participate in a more active lifestyle that results in a greater enjoyment of life."


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