A perfect training session

Dynamic flexibility:

A workout should start with functional flexibility. Flexibility that reduces muscle aches and restores joint function. Without it, large muscle group exercises canít be performed.


Core stability:

Core muscles are those that aid in standing erect with good posture. Crucial to performing exercises with good form.


Strength training:

Strength training will be the cornerstone of most programs. If the goal is weight loss or body fat reduction than you cannot progress without this component. Focusing on getting stronger will elicit the desired results.


Cardiovascular training:

Conditioning your heart and lungs is important to the reduction of symptoms leading to heart disease. Aerobic exercise will be used as a supplement to strength training to mobilize stored body fat into the bloodstream to be readily used as energy.



You really do have to combine a sound nutrition program with exercise. Eating right for your body type is an essential part of losing weight and staying healthy. Learn what your body type is and the appropriate way to fuel it right after a workout.


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