Why choose GS Fitness services?

Total body wellness:
Increase strength, endurance of your body and heart. Improve flexibility to move more freely through out the day.
Improve job performance and decrease work days missed due to illness. Be more alert, productive and less fatigued.
Save money:
An increased fitness level can save you money. Instead of driving a mile and a half to the store walk to save gas mileage. Ride a bike to your friendís house 5 miles away.
Leisure activities:
Gain the energy you need to follow the kids around all afternoon or to play 18 holes with your friends. Donít miss out on fun time due to an injury or lack of confidence in your bodyís ability.
Resist Disease:
Every 20 seconds a person in the United States has a heart attack. Too many Americans put their health on hold until they acquire some form of heart disease. High blood pressure, high cholesterol or worse.

Emergency situations:
If you had to run up 10 flights of stairs to save your life would you be able to do it? If you had to carry your child or spouse 200 yards to safety would you be able to do it? Conditioning your body on a regular basis will have you prepared to handle lifeís unexpected events.


GS Fitness Ė is fitness for life. Defined as the bodyís ability to function efficiently and effectively in work and leisure activities, to be healthy, to resist hypo kinetic disease, and to meet emergency situations.


Specilizing in Weight loss, Lifestyle change, Endurance training (marathon,triathlon, distance training)


M.S Exercise Science

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist by the NSCA

Insured by the NSCA

Certified Nutritional Specialist by the Lifestyle Management Association.


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